SAP variant

1. VC (Variant Configuration)

Service Level Agreement for System Offline Support (Support on demand) module for year 2016.

2. Study the business process of CLIENT which includes commercial vehicle business unit repetitive manufacturing process, cross functional modules of existing SAP instance.

3. Create functional document including flow diagram of lead process which include material masters object like

Super BOMSuper Routing
Characteristic Class
Object Dependencies
Configuration profile
SD Condition Records
Variant Class
Local and Global Dependencies
3. Dependencies Types
4. Actions
5. Constraint
6. Structure of Constraint
7. Planning in variant Configuration
8. Variant Pricing and Surcharges
9. Product costing / Process overview as per following flow

9. Product costing

10.Business Processing Integration (MTO)
11.After enquiry and Quotation, Creation of SO and Delivery
12. Business Process Integration (MTS):
Mater Master Data
Forecast Format
Forecast Input
Execution of MRP
Production order execution with routing
Generation of stock
Sales Order
13. Create scenarios in staging server as per live models of business
14. Get confirmations from stake holders for test scenario
15. Create AS IS process document
16. Create TO BE process document
17. Sign of process document by end users
18. Create standard operating procedure for each step
19. Copy configurations in development
20. End users training and conduct test
21. Copy configuration in Quality and Production server
22. Prepare final detail presentation
23. Go live of Variant configuration in production server
24. Post go live – observation of entire VC process for one month and perform necessary changes as per business.