Java CMS service

CMS, or content management systems, are platforms for managing and administering website content. There is no denying that CMSes are important in today's web ecosystem. These content management systems not only provide an easy way to build and maintain websites, but they also lend a helping hand in updating and editing website content without the need to spend hours or days writing and altering codes and scripts. Some of the leading CMSes are PHP-based, Ruby on Rails-based, ASP.NET-based, and Java-based. Among these, due to scalability, modernized architecture and open-source standards of a few, Java-based CMSs are getting quite a lot of attention lately, especially for enterprise websites, because of the scalable, modern, open source technology behind most of them. There are plenty of CMS tools based on Java to help developers create multi-lingual and multi-channel websites.

open source

Open CMS is based on Java and XML technology that allows you to build highly customizable and interactive websites and portals. It comes integrated with a WYSIWYG editor and fully-featured Template Engine which is fully compliant with W3C standards. OpenCMS can be deployed both in an open-source environment (Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL) as well as a commercial environment (Windows NT, IIS, BEA Weblogic, Oracle)